Chic Physique – Alan Curry, Personal Trainer

Testimonial: Shirley Cefai

Having followed personal training for an odd 5 years at Chic Physique and having lost an odd 25kilos in the first 2 years, I can safely say that after having the VO2 test, training could not be better. For those of you who train in a group or with a mate will understand the frustration as they say that was a great session and you feel like you have not done enough. Or they say it was an easy session and for you it could not have been tougher… you start wondering where did I go wrong?

Most traditional fitness tests go with calculating the % of this and the other and low and behold we are all meant to fit into this magical equation and into this ‘approximate’ field of the ‘ideal’ training level for us. I always wondered why we were all expected to react the same to something which deals with something so personal… our body!

With the VO2 test not only do I know what my strong points are but also and most importantly what my weak points are, how my own metabolism works, and how my body reacts to the different zones of training!!!! For a training fanatic it is heaven…. And at the end of it I was also given my weekly program and at which zones I should be training for and how long – depending on what I need to work on. Of course it also gave me the calorie count I need to stick to so I can achieve my ideal weight… the constant struggle for all of us – or most!

Training with Alan as my instructor on this new program regime has definitely stepped up my training and after a training session I feel I have had a truly good workout – tough but not exhausting but I can tell I have gotten the best out of my session. It makes me work on what I personally need – even though we train in a group – and I cannot wait for the next test to see just how much I have improved!

An experience definitely worth going for. We are all unique and I feel I found a system that takes care of JUST ME! Let’s face it if the Arsenal team footballers follow this system of testing and training it must be worth something!!!!
Alan this machine is definitely the best step you could have possibly made to go even more professional than you have ever been! Thanks.

Truly blown away with the whole experience!

Shirley Cefai