Chic Physique – Alan Curry, Personal Trainer

Testimonial: Grace Ann Cachia

It is surprising how a comment, appropriately timed and well delivered, can have such a positive effect on a person and put into motion the impetus to want a change.

I had long been feeling the need to take better care of myself…but always thought that gym and more sensible eating meant a lot of hard work, big sacrifices, sore muscles, hunger pangs ……. the whole lot of sacrifices which make you feel miserable…………until I bumped into a colleague at the canteen who gently nudged me into considering Chic Physique.

This was a couple of weeks before Christmas two years ago. Not quite the season but well timed enough to instigate a new year’s resolution.

So I phoned Alan and set the ball in motion.

With the commencement of the new year, I started attending and was so relieved to note that exercises are manageable with a little effort and no aching muscles on the morrow.

I was also guided on how to eat more sensibly, and encouraged further the more results I obtained.

That was two years ago. I have started my third year and try not to miss a session. When I do, I make it a point to make up for it….indeed, I really enjoy coming to Chic Physique! where there is a friendly atmosphere as well.

Weighing 22 kilos less, with a boosted self confidence, and looking brightly towards the future, I have written this little testimonial not only to thank Alan and Alexia for their contribution towards my well being, but also to encourage those who need that little push to take the plunge.

Come on – get going…no regrets are a guarantee!

Grace Ann Cachia