Chic Physique – Alan Curry, Personal Trainer

Testimonial: Frank Vella Bardon

photo (1)Just about a year ago I thought it might be sensible to start doing a bit of exercise on a regular basis. I’d learnt that Alan Curry had opened a new gym and as I’d done personal training with him in the past and know what a capable and motivating instructor he is, I decided to go over and have a look at the place.

I was delighted to find a spacious airy studio which had a busy schedule of circuit training classes. I much prefer working out in a class and this promised to be just the system to keep me going. This proved to be the case and one year down the line I am still enthusiastically attending the circuit classes at ChicPhysique three or four times a week. As a result I feel much fitter and more comfortable with myself. I’ve also shed a few kilos – and no, I’m not telling how many.

Presently, ChicPhysique offers four different types of class. I love the challenge of each and every one of them and I feel that together they offer an excellent range of varied exercises. The instructors here are professional, friendly and attentive and every session is a rewarding challenge.

It is worth noting that Alan and his team also cater for what he likes to call the ‘more mature’ client – meaning those of us that are approaching, or have even reached, pensionable age!

I highly recommend this gym, but be warned! – there is a significant risk of developing an addiction to the place.

Keep up the good work Alan!