Chic Physique – Alan Curry, Personal Trainer

Testimonial: Charles Xuereb

It all started after a visit to my cousin cardiologist who explained that unless I change my lifestyle by the time I reach the venerable young age of 40, then it would be even more of a difficult challenge. This meant I only had less than a couple of years to do this!

Some time earlier, my better half had started going to Chic Physique under the guidance of a Geordie … Alan Curry, a name also synonymous with Life Cycle. I was sceptical at first; however I was aware of my unhealthy weight and had to do something to make a change for my life. After some convincing, I decided to give it a shot.

The concept used is totally different to traditional gyms. I started off doing Easyline classes twice a week – 18 different exercises every round with the timing of each exercise ranging from 30 to 60 seconds managed by an electronic device; each exercise being explained meticulously by Alan or his assistant Alexandra. Don’t be fooled – it looks like a piece of cake but can turn out to be tough – obviously this depends on the effort you put into it; every individual works at his/her own pace. During the first couple of months, I used to spend 20-25 minutes “recovering” after each session. This started getting better and better, even though, today, some 4 years later, I still feel “worked out” after each session! After some months, I increased the training sessions to 3 times a week, one of which is personal training, a practice which I still follow till today, albeit now including Arke and Kettlercise.

I’ve lost some 23 kilos in all, but have also increased my strength and cardio levels. Apart from training, weight loss also necessitated some changes in my diet – smaller portion sizes, no bread with my dinner and snacking on fruits and vegetables rather than biscuits or sweets. However, I still kept my glass of red wine in the evenings! In other words, Alan Curry does not push for extreme diets but to eat sensibly with healthier options.

Besides being in better shape than what I was a few years back, exercise has also helped to release my everyday pressures. Fitness is a chore, but then so is going to work! However, the benefits of being fit and healthy are very rewarding.

Once you feel that you are committed, then leave it up to Alan to guide you for the rest. As in everything in life, there is no gain without pain …. Eventually you’ll start getting the buzz out of it!