Chic Physique – Alan Curry, Personal Trainer


Renate Alamango

Returning from holiday last October I thought it was time to do something about my excessive weight. Since I had trained with Alan Curry in the past I decided to call him up. A week later I started training at Chic Physique, where working out is fun! The studio is…  Read more »

Charles Xuereb

It all started after a visit to my cousin cardiologist who explained that unless I change my lifestyle by the time I reach the venerable young age of 40, then it would be even more of a difficult challenge. This meant I only had less than a couple of years…  Read more »

Frank Vella Bardon

Frank Vella Bardon
Just about a year ago I thought it might be sensible to start doing a bit of exercise on a regular basis. I’d learnt that Alan Curry had opened a new gym and as I’d done personal training with him in the past and know what a capable and motivating…  Read more »

Martina Galea

I started training with Alan Curry in October 2009. Thinking it would be like every other gym, I was somewhat reluctant to start training as I had been to a number of other gyms before and it always resulted in very little weight loss for the amount of training I…  Read more »

Shirley Cefai

Having followed personal training for an odd 5 years at Chic Physique and having lost an odd 25kilos in the first 2 years, I can safely say that after having the VO2 test, training could not be better. For those of you who train in a group or with a…  Read more »