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Diet and the Real Deal?

The only persons who lose weight are those that really want to lose weight. The threat of heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes and a shortening lifespan seem to be ignored if there’s good food and drink on the table. “You only live once!!” comes the cry when modifying your diet is mentioned. An image of lettuce leaves, beetroot shavings and magic mushrooms seems to take over your imagery when food control is on the agenda and as we say in England people are wanting “the moon on a stick” by maintaining their lifestyles while trying to lose weight.

My attitude nowadays is enough of all this passive diet none sense, enough of all this liberal understanding because this is literally life or death??? A more radical approach is required with a black and white objective leaving no Grey areas towards your goal. You can bleat on all you want about healthy options, plant based alternatives and avoidance of sugars and preservatives but truth is that once someone has made that decision on wanting to lose weight they want a quick fix. They want results in as short a time as possible. It’s a bit like having a rat cornered, don’t give it a way out (an awful analogy I know but it gets the point across).
There’ll be the normal lame excuses of course like “I go on a lot of business lunches” or “my partner works late and therefore we eat late” or my personal favorite “I’ve got big bones?”  I can’t remember it ever been documented that someone being liberated from Auschwitz in January 1945 saying “I know I should have lost weight but my family have big bones????” (That’s an even worse analogy but excuse me, it’s getting late).
 In the old days of course we would calculate calories in with calories out and by getting a negative balance then surely that was the answer? Unfortunately it wasn’t and as we’ve since learned it’s the type of calories consumed that is the real answer. People want results and therefore they need to be told what to eat and what to avoid and need to be monitored in order to stay on track. It was always thought that a weight loss between 0.6-0.8kg a week was average and healthy while anything in excess of that was too extreme and would result in a slowing of the metabolism and long term would see the weight return? Recent research has shown that more extreme weight loss is not detrimental and there is no evidence to suggest the weight will return if the diet returns to more normal intakes. Our own Premier lifestyle program at ChicPhysique addresses a more radical approach and gets results. It’s never going to be an easy transition but the benefits of a healthy diet and acceptable body weight are simply life changing. At ChicPhysique we really do want to change your life and are therefore by offering this package we give you the opportunity to do just that but don’t expect any compromise, just results……………that’s if you really want it of course????
Sleep well…………..
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