Chic Physique – Alan Curry, Personal Trainer

ChicPhysique at Hilltop Gardens




It’s official, we’re moving to the beautiful Hilltop Gardens residential home at Naxxar.
Yes, after only 9 months at MSIDA seafront the decision has been made to move ChicPhysique again. We will be moving during the 19, 20 and 21st of this month and ready to start afresh on Monday 22nd February. Some will see it as bad business sense to move so quickly after such a short time, to disrupt my members again having just got settled into MSIDA? Well let me assure you I didn’t plan this, in fact if someone had told me I’d be moving again after such a short time I’d have assured them “no way”. Move again after all the hassle we had to transport the machines last time? You must be joking!!! Life is short however and opportunities come along that you just have to grasp with both hands. Emotional? Of course it has to be otherwise I wouldn’t be who I am. If there’s not an emotive instinct then you shouldn’t be in the industry because this industry is a love affair with me but it also has to be a sound business decision too and Hilltop Gardens offers both. Unlike the last 3 locations where we made a “purse out of a pig’s ear”, in having to develop the studio from nothing, this time we are moving to a “Palace”, the finished article, the Taj Mahal of fitness centres, I couldn’t say no. I was approached by the owner Mr Xuereb some weeks ago completely out of the blue, and after several meetings the union was agreed upon and the contract signed. The whole synergy of the Hilltop residence is the perfect fit for the ChicPhysique concept. A beautiful 500 sqm space, finished to an extremely high standard. Air conditioned throughout, loads of natural light, ventilation and a rehabilitation and spa area right next door means our members will have the very best facilities. There are 150 underground free parking spaces and within the residence grounds a cafe and restaurant, and beautiful outdoor seating area to relax after your work out. With more TECHNOGYM equipment planned, new classes and a week’s grace on your current membership packages to allow you to get used to the new surrounds you’d be silly not to sample what we are offering. I strongly suggest, you don’t regret the day you refused this offer? Judge the decision once you’ve sampled the place and then have your opinion, not before. You’ve trusted me before, now I’m asking you to trust me again? A belated, Happy New Year!!!!!!!
Sleep well……………………………….