Chic Physique – Alan Curry, Personal Trainer

Welcome to Chic Physique!

  • Tailored personal training

    Whatever your needs and aims, our trainers will create a programme for you and supervise your sessions, either on your own or in a small group.  Read more »

  • Class-based training

    We run regular group classes in many disciplines such as Easyline, ARKE and TRX - get fit and make new friends at the same time!  Read more »


    Be carried away from everyday stress - the ultimate in relaxation. A true experience of balance and peace is brought over body as you begin an aromatic journey towards relaxation. This treatment will leave your spirit harmonised as you experience the power of plant and flower essences. PROMOTIONAL PRICE - 25Euros Get in touch now!  Read more »

Elite Personal Training – for the More Mature Client


Chic Physique is a leading fitness studio in Malta, run by LifeCycle Challenge founder Alan Curry. The concept is very simple – be one step ahead of our competitors, and attract the “more mature” client. The average age of Chic Physique clients is at least a decade higher than most commercial gyms, though of course we welcome younger clients as well. Find out more ยป